NVIDIA GeForce Driver (64-bit) 314.22

Updated files to maximize performance and eliminate some bugs

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    Necessary Components

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    (64-bit) 314.22

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7

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    7.0 (237)

The Nvidia GeForce Driver Vista 7 64 is a bit of software that helps your Nvidia GeForce card work. Nvidia GeForce cards help create the graphics that go into video games and other graphic rendering. The drivers for your card on Vista are free from the Nvidia website.

When you get to the website, you can first look at the drop down menu at the top of the page about product type. This is where you should select GeForce. You should then select which Nvidia series you have. This will go up to GeForce 9, and then it will go between GeForce 100M and 800M for a notebook computer.

After you have made this selection, you can then select a specific card under the product heading. There are usually several for each graphics card. You can then select an operating system like Windows 7 with 64 bits, or Windows Vista. After selecting the language, you should hit the green search button. You can then download the driver that will make your GeForce graphics card work optimally with your system.

Another option on this page is to just click on the “Graphics Driver” button. This will make the page automatically find the driver suitable for your particular card. It will detect it automatically so you don’t have to go hunting around for it. The Nvidia GeForce driver page will have a full list of information about the driver you’re downloading. It will also list its capabilities. This will be different for each particular card.

Other programs that work well with this driver include the Nvidia GeForce Experience program. This program has a tab that will allow you to search for the GeForce Driver that you need. Additionally, it will allow you to optimize the games on your computer so that they work better with the drivers that you have. It will also list the full specs for your computer including the version of the driver you downloaded. For example, each of the driver updates has release highlights. Each of these will tell you exactly how the release is better from the one that came before it. This is often in the form of percent increases in performances of various popular games, or improvements to acceleration in the graphics. This also often means bug fixes and changes to different language packages.


  • Software is free and easy to download and execute. It mostly takes care of itself.
  • The exact right software update for the driver can actually self-detect on your computer. This makes life easier for those who don’t want to hunt around for their particular card.


  • If the automatic detection does not work, finding the right card can be challenging.
  • Not all updates do that much and it can be a hassle to download the update for your OS week after week.

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